The owners collectively have more than 100 years of construction background.  With this experience an elite group of truckers was sought and collected to form The Trucking Company, Inc.  Construction bears three main pillars; they are scope, time, and money.  Without any of the three any project would cease to sustain. 

It is our mission to make the most efficient trucking for any project no matter the scope.  By utilizing highly trained and experienced local drivers means the timing of delivery to be efficient and on time.  Understanding the scope and a timely delivery means on or under budget for our clients. 

The confidence in our services is unmatched by our competition simply because we have better quality equipment and the highest trained staff in the area.  When professionals show up to your job, it gets done right and on pace.  There is very little training or secondary instructions necessary for our driving force. 

Moving materials of these magnitudes requires pinnacle planning and communication.  Therefore it is our goal to clearly communicate how, when, and where materials will be for your job at all times.  We utilize some of the most up to date technology to allow for tracking and planning for the foremen and contractors. 

Welcome to the Trucking Company.  Contact us today to “Send me Trucks” today!

 Disclaimer:  Any loads that are contaminated, hazardous, or banned material, the originator will be responsible for all fines and/or additional handling charges per The Trucking Company, Inc. and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Regulations.  

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